Lim-Flex are a Registered Hybrid containing 25% to 75% Limousin & Angus.
At Birubi we started using the Limousin bulls over Angus cows to increase the muscle & weight in the commercial calves.
We liked the progeny & decided to retain some of the females to use as dams.

The crossbred females became the basis of our commercial herd - using Limousin Sires over them & selling the 3/4

A market developed with clients requesting the Hybrid bulls as they wanted to increase the yield in their progeny but still
 retain the fat cover and suitability for their current market.

The North American Limousin Foundation started a successful Lim-Flex program registering the hybrid, so the name was
registered in Australia by Annette & Michael Tynan and is managed by the Australian Limousin Breeders Society.

 To qualify to be a Lim-Flex the animal must be by a registered Limousin or Angus Bull & out of a female by a registered
sire. Limousin & Black or Red Angus are the only breeds in Lim-Flex. Lim-Flex may also be on Breedplan.

Most of the crossbred females at Birubi qualified for the critera so the cows we were happy with were registered.
As the demand has exceeded supply we have put the majority of our Registered Angus females into the program as well.
This has given us the opportunity to produce Lim-Flex from some top Angus genetics.

Our Lim-Flex are recorded with Breedplan to provide clients with EBV's.
Most of our Lim-Flex clients are using the bulls over British females to increase the carcase attributes whilst retaining
the fat cover, marbling & milk they already have. The Lim-Flex cross gives them more options (eg: vealers, grass fed,
feedlot, retain females for breeding) and takes advantage of the hybrid vigour.

Lim-Flex bulls & females are sold at our Annual On Property Sale in August.